CIS & Payroll Advisory Services

Simplify Employee Processes & Benefits
We offer assistance in the set up and administration of client’s payroll either on a fully managed or partially managed. We provide assistance and training on system set up, data migration and auto enrolment. Our payroll managed services include:
  • Monthly: Payroll run (regular and irregular – weekly, fortnightly and monthly), calculation of all deductions and submission of returns.
  • End of Year: We compile, calculate and submit end of year figures to HMRC.
  • HMRC compliant: We use fully HMRC approved software.
  • Auto-enrollment.
  • Pensions deduction and submissions to pensions provider.

  • Cost Savings:

We are your payroll personnel staff. All your payroll personnel related costs are now transfer to us. You do not need to employ permanent, specialist payroll staff to administer your payroll. You save on periodic payroll software licensing costs.

  • Efficient Time Management:

We free you up on routine tasks while you concentrate on your core area of business operations.

  • Security & Compliance:

We take over your worry about staying up to date with changes in legislation affecting taxation and payroll, we automate this process for you.

  • Visibility & Control:

Complete control and visibility via periodic reports and access to our partners and directors.

Whether you are a contractor or sub-contractor within construction industry, then you are required by regulation to submit CIS return every month. Irrespective of sizes, we assist companies in meeting their compliance obligations in this area.

With our efficient systems and processes, we relieve you of the administrative tasks and burdens associated with processing your CIS returns. Our advisory services in this area include:

  • Guidance and advice on registration with HMRC for CIS
  • Processing of contractors payment and deductions. We can handle this on weekly or monthly payment processing.
  • Sub-contractor(s) set-up and verification.
  • Submission of the monthly CIS Returns.
  • Unlimited help, guidance and advice on CIS Returns.
  • On your behalf, we will handle all correspondences from HMRC.
  • To avoid late submission, we set up reminders and updates for CIS submission.