Personal & Business Taxation Services

Simplified Business and Personal Tax Services

Business Taxation

Continuous changes in tax legislation implies you need the services of a reliable and experienced tax adviser. At Assessor Consulting we can help. We ensure you and your business take advantage of available reliefs and allowances. Following are the areas we can help:

Value Added Tax (VAT) Services

VAT rules are complex than many people think. at Assessor Consulting, we can offer efficient VAT services at reasonable fee.

  • Help in calculating and filing of VAT returns.
  • Negotiate with HMRC in case of any disputes.
  • VAT reconciliation and other general administration.
  • Help and advice on VAT registration.
  • VAT Planning and general administration.

Corporate Tax Planning

Our focus is in this area is to ensure you minimise corporate tax exposure and free from unnecessary administrative bottlenecks.
Determine the most appropriate tax structure for your business.

  • Ensure you take full advantages of available reliefs and allowances.
  • Liaise with regulators on any area as it relates to your tax affairs.

Personal Taxation Services

Meeting the requirements and deadlines associated with personal tax can become time consuming exercise. We take away the burdens associated with failure to keep appropriate financial records, submission of incorrect or incomplete returns, errors and omission. All these problems come with associated fines and penalties. Our services in this area include:

  • Reminder of payment deadlines;
  • Calculation of tax liabilities and filing of necessary returns;
  • Maintain digital records of your financial and tax affairs;
  • Advice on any relevant and potential tax savings opportunities based on legislation;

Our personal tax services cover inheritance tax, capital gains tax and trust and executorship.

Capital Gains Tax

If you are planning to dispose a capital asset, business, stock and shares or property, give us a ring to arrange a consultation.

  • Calculate tax due on asset disposed.
  • Filing necessary returns.
  • Support and advisory services.