Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

At an agreed interval, we come to your office to assist in preparing your management account. We also offer insight and interpret your financial data in other to ensure your organisation is equipped with useful information.

We aim to reduce your finance and accounting overheads by a considerable margin. Our services in this area include:

Management Account (Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly and Yearly);
Transfer your accounting records from manual bookkeeping to computerised financial records;
We provide assistance in preparation and filing of year-end financial statements; and
Financial data analysis and commentaries

Key Features & Benefits to You

Cost Savings:
We are your back-office. All your accounting and bookkeeping functions is now under our control. We are now an extension and part of your company;
Massing savings on finance and bookkeeping personnel costs. You do not need to employ permanent, finance and bookkeeping staff to administer your finance functions;
You save on periodic accounting and bookkeeping licensing costs;

Efficient Time Management:
We take over your routine, complex accounting and finance functions while you concentrate on your core area of business operations;

Security and Compliance:
We take over your worry, we make this process seamless via automation.

Visibility and Control:
We arrange periodic meeting to discuss progress, idea, updates about findings on your financial data.
Complete control and visibility via periodic reports and access to our partners and directors.