HMRC Investigation

Investigation involving government agencies are usually cumbersome, costly, onerous and time consuming but will make it a less stressful exercise with the least possible costs. Our focus is on self employed and small businesses.
Our investigation advisory team is qualified to represent you in case of an unexpected HMRC investigation.
On your behalf, we will prepare all the paper work and necessary report to support any investigation activities and give you the relieve to focus on your normal business activities.
Our team will work with you and stand with you throughout the investigation process.

Due Diligence

Expertise in this area is gear towards small businesses. Our services in this area is tailored to the need of each client. Our area of expertise include:
Business Valuation.
Financial Due diligence.
New Client/Vendor Acquisition.
IT Due Diligence.
Human Capital Due Diligence.
Business transactions and corporate finance.

Financial Crime Investigation Services

We are Certified Fraud Examiners. We help businesses understand leakages within their finances and provide actions for improvement. We work with you and provide a complete overview of your financial affairs. Our services in this area include:
Advisory services to businesses and agencies on ways to improve fraud detection;
Assistance in Preparation of evidence for presentation in court;
Prepare written reports of investigation findings;
Conduct in-depth investigations of suspicious financial activity, such as suspected of financial crime and money-laundering activities;
Create and maintain logs, records, or databases of information about fraudulent activity;
Analyse financial data and information to detect patterns and irregularities in areas such as procurements, billing trends, financial association and relationship, and regulatory compliance procedures;
Training of personnel in fraud detection and prevention techniques;
Evaluate business operations to identify risk areas susceptible to fraud and offer preventative techniques;
Lead, or participate in, fraud investigation teams;
Design, implement, and maintain fraud detection tools, policy or procedures.